2018 Eurasian Milfoil Treatment Scheduled

ISDA has directed Aquatechnex to treat the areas in Cocolalla Lake outlined on this map.  August 2018 EWM Treatment Map

This work is forecast for the week of August 6th with a target date of that Tuesday.  We will update this as it gets closer.  Certified Mail has been sent to each water right holder within the treatment zones and a short distance in each direction.  Regular mail has been sent to all others within the treatment zone.

The product to be applied will be diquat herbicide.  There are no fishing restrictions and no federal swimming restrictions, we recommend staying out of the water for 12 hours post treatment to let the herbicide dilute to the target concentration.  There are restrictions on the use of water from the treatment area for irrigation and potable water use for 3 days.


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